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March 25, 2019 Tiny House

12 Super Cute 200 Sq Ft Tiny House

200 sq ft tiny house – There are many people who have problem with mortgage and also homeless. Being homeless always haunted thousand people around the world. However, there are still few people who know that these days, there are many solutions to avoid mortgage and being homeless. One of the smart way to have a house without spending too much money is by building a tiny house. Building a tiny house is a good way to have a house and everyone can afford.

It is called tiny house because it is very tiny. It is no more than 500 sq ft. In some cases, i also alwas find tiny house less than 200 sq ft. How about having 200 sq ft tiny house? You can own this super cute house which reminds you to your childhood, living in a small tree house. 200 sq ft is enough for a tiny house with bathroom, kitchen, and also bedroom loft inside. You can make 200 sq ft cabin plans with loft. It is used for bedroom and even closet.

In this world, there are hundred 200 sq ft tiny house you can find. Most of them have very cute design. Just make your own 200 square foot cabin plans consisting room and layout based on your need and preference. You also can build it on the wheel or trailer, so it is mobile and you can take it to anywhere you want. The price to build 200 square foot cabin is around $8000 up to $80.000.

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