Oversized Ottoman With Storage Design This Year

Oversized Ottoman with Storage Design

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Custom Round Ottoman With Storage

March 24, 2019 Ottoman Storages

Build Ottoman With Tray

Ottoman With Tray – Ottoman trays allow ottomans, also known as footstools living room, sometimes coffee tables. The trays provide a flat surface to deposit drinks, TV remote controls, snacks, magazines and other household items. Ottoman trays can be built with materials you already have in the house or can be built from scratch with raw materials. Whichever path you decide to take, you’ll soon have a home-made solution to keep the items handy while relaxing near the ottoman.

Use sandpaper to sanding the inch two-by-two by-18, two-inch-1-by-2 by-14 and three 1 by 4 by 18 wooden boards ottoman with tray until all sides and edges. They are smooth create a frame by turning the-by-18 1-by-2 two-inch wooden boards and two-1-by-2 wooden boards on their sides. Use a hammer to nail the corners of the boards. Place the wooden boards three by 1 by 4 by 18 inches flat and vertical, so each card is in contact with each other. Using a hammer, nail the outside of the frame to the ends and sides of the vertical, flat joints.

Use a paintbrush to dye or paint the ottoman with tray and leave the tray to dry overnight. Spray the entire tray with matt finish sealer. Create handles with twine by drilling two holes on each end of the tray. Use a pair of scissors to cut the length of the rope, if desired.

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