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November 4, 2018 Sofa Design

Ideas for Sofa Legs

Sofa legs – Raised a sofa with wooden legs extensions can give height and elegance , instantly transforming a sofa. Although you can use legs designed specifically for sofas, you can easily transform other wooden objects such as balls or pins that you can find in a store trades, to make wooden leg extensions for your sofa. Whether you want to have easier to get up or sit on your couch, or give the right height for a table of coffee higher or just give it a new look, put extensions wooden legs is a cheap way to change your couch.


best sofa legs

Paint or stain put your wooden sofa legs extensions as you want. Let the legs dry completely. If necessary, drill holes for your bolts. It is half the length of the bolts and mark your drill with tape to use as a guide while taladras. Be sure to use a drill that is slightly smaller than the bolt to make sure it will hold onto something.

12 Inspiration Gallery from Ideas for Sofa Legs

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Sofa legs dumps the sofa on its rear side and keep your feet on the same subject where you go to them. Make sure fasteners will perform solid wood when you put the legs and not protrude from the couch to avoid a sloppy appearance and crushed fingers. Use a pencil to mark the place where you go to put the legs. Use a tape measure to make sure the legs are in the same place on each side of the sofa, so that it appears uniform and clean once you’ve finished.

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