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Make an Easy Computer Desk with Shelves

Computer desk with shelves – Computers are as much a part of a house like any other household appliances and require the right furniture to make them fully functional. Building a computer desk with shelves apparent for some homeowners too complicated. A simpler method, however, which relies on a combination of filing cabinets and a plywood top, requires little woodworking skills, thus building a computer desk with shelves a task within the capabilities of most homeowners. The hardest part of this process comes down to the choice of filing cabinets that the optimum size and that complement your interior. Filing cabinets 30 centimeters should keep the computer desk with shelves to the correct height.

Make a computer desk with shelves, Place the 60-by-22-by-¾-inch oak plywood on a work table with the right side down. Remove the drawers of the two 18-inch oak filing cabinets. Turn them upside down and put them on the piece of plywood with the fronts facing you. Align the filing cabinets with the sides of the plywood. Push them away from you so that the backs of the filing cabinets are even with the 60-inch edge of the plywood. Attach them to screw the plywood with 1¼-inch drywall.

Make a computer desk with shelves, set the piece of plywood against the backs of the filing cabinets. Turn the cabinets upright. Measure one side of the top and a marking at 30 centimeters. Drill a hole in the top with the 1½-inch paddle bit. Install the trays back into the filing cabinets. Adhere one piece at a time with a hot iron, even with keeping the bottom of the top. Break the ends of each piece on the corners for the addition of the next piece.

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