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March 5, 2019 Ottoman Ideas

Mid Century Ottoman Leather Cube

Mid century ottoman – Whether you call them foot stool, Hassocks or buffets, ottomans are versatile small furniture. For their size, leather ottomans are often expensive; however, you can build one that rivals the purchased versions. As long as the upper and lower panels of plywood is half an inch larger than the four side squares, you can make a cube mid century ottoman as big or small as you want.

Stand another matching square on edge, and butt it against one edge of the bottom square. Drill holes, spaced approximately 3 inches apart, through the side of the upright plywood sheet and the edge of the bottom sheet. Drill holes, distributed as before, by the side of the plywood and into the edge of the sheet facing you, then insert the screws to attach the corner.

Turn the assembly with the last open end of the square frame of mid century ottoman on the right. Drill holes through the top sheet and into the frame along each side, since the screws for attaching the upper to the cube. Place the cube on rough or seeded side of the leather. Trace the outline of the cube on the leather with a pen. Trace different contour 4 inches wider than the original contour. Cut the leather along another contour with utility scissors or a utility knife.

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