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February 17, 2019 Ottoman Ideas

Moroccan Pouf Ottoman Decor Ideas

Moroccan pouf ottoman – Within the section of styles of this blog decoration we saw recently one of the most love. Follow and adore by his many fans. The Arabic style or Moroccan style recognizable a peculiar style. And distinctively linked to a specific geographical area. Such as countries Of the Maghreb, and more specifically Morocco, our neighboring country. Although we then saw its main characteristics and decorative elements. This time we will focus on one of our favorites. One of those objects that are particularly striking and perfect in decorating any room.

Although Moroccan pouf ottoman can understand a wide range of puffs. The one that interests us this time is the Ottoman puff elaborate in leather (whether in treated camel, cow, sheep or goat skin), hand-stitched and embroidered decoration. Characterized by a rosette in the upper region.

Traditionally used to sit at the coffee tables inside the tents, nowadays they decorate both the Arab and Western rooms, where they are used mainly as stools or to rest their feet next to the armchair of the reading corner or as a complement to Any armchair in general, since both its size (diameter close to 50cm) and its rounded shape make it perfect to place anywhere. And depending on the utility that you want to give you can serve as a support seat, side table or center for the room, footrest or as a simple decorative element Moroccan pouf ottoman.

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