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March 31, 2019 Nursery Decor

Plasterboard Ceilings and Nursery Lamps

Nursery Lamps – Repair is a responsible activity, especially when it comes to the children’s room. Here, all materials should be natural, and therefore safe for children’s health. Making plaster ceilings in the nursery, you will receive a full guarantee for environmental purity of the material. Especially in this case, you can create the most amazing imagination of their children

Many nursery lamps used to consider the standard roof design in the center with a single chandelier. Once a design has been the only option, but now has lighting not only the direct appointment, but also complements the overall elegant look of the room.

Provide a variety of lamps plaster ceilings in the nursery – it’s beautiful, but also light. And it is very important for visual perception of the child. LED strip for nursery lamps very confident replaces the bulky fluorescent lamps and very convenient not to illuminate niches plasterboard. Select a tape can be any color and height. There are special models that allow you to get different shades and colors. To connect the LED strip on the ceiling in the children of the drywall you will need to purchase a special driver. This is due to the fact that the tape LED has a voltage of 12 volts.

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