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October 23, 2018 Sofa Design

Repair a Ripped Fabric to a Tufted Sofa

Tufted sofa – Finding the perfect color and texture of fabric to use to upholster a sofa can really give you a winning feeling. The right fabric sets the tone and style of the sofa and the surrounding space. But if you find a rip in the fabric you want to use, the feeling to be pretty empty. Using a ripped fabric to upholster a sofa means rip will likely worsen, especially on a tufted sofa that pulls and curves substance over. But if you repair rip perfect and strengthen the fabric, you will not have this problem.


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Repair a ripped fabric to a tufted sofa, Join the side of the rip together and hold them in place with two or three legs. Turn the fabric over so that it is downhill. Place an iron-on patch directly over the rip. Ideally you should use a patch that is the same color and the same material for the ripped fabric. Ironing patch securely in place of rip. Turn the fabric back over, so it’s up. Remove the pins. Fold the sides of the fabric under and pull them back together. Press firmly against the glue of the patch on the other side.

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Repair a ripped fabric to a tufted sofa, Thread your upholstery needle with strong thread. Sewing the two folded sides of the rip together by means of tension, small stitches. Tie the thread when finished and cutting away the excess. Use a fine-tipped brush to apply a thin layer of fabric glue to the seam. This will prevent it from unraveling. Apply a very thin layer of fabric paint with a fabric pen to the seam you just created. This will help repair better mixing with the rest of the fabric.

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