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February 19, 2019 Patio Ideas

Restore a Patio Cushion

Patio cushions – Patio cushions are often the first in your outdoor décor to show signs of wear. Weather, entertaining and frequent use can cause stains and dirt buildup. Restoring your patio cushions allow you to select different substances that can liven up the patio area. By custom-make your patio pillow cases, you not only have a one-of-a-kind patio looks but also get to pick a comfortable fabric. Adding new pillow covers are a great way to freshen up the aesthetics of your garden.

Decide on the type of exterior design you want with your new fabric. Measure your patio cushions to purchase fabric. Make sure the fabric you are using is able to survive the outdoors. It must be labeled as outdoor fabric and show that it is waterproof. Place your patio cushions on butcher paper or newspaper. Make a pattern by drawing around the entire pad on paper. Copy pattern on the paper with a pair of scissors.

Pin cut the paper pattern for your new fabric and cut through the two pieces of fabric scissors in the right form. Pin pieces together inside and out. Hand-sew them together or use a sewing machine. Use a thread color that will not show up on fabric. Leave one side sown placing patio cushions in the new structure. Put your hand in the fabric and pull the fabric so it is right side out. Slide pad in the new coverage. Pin the side which is not sewn, and the sewing patio up pad.

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